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Homeowner Checklist for Roof Replacement

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Getting a new roof installed on you home-though often necessary due to storm damage is also a great way to update your home and increase curb appeal. Once you have made the decision to replace your roof and chosen a preferred roofing and restoration contractor like RRSA St. Louis, there will be a lot going on at your residence once the work starts. Below are steps to help you as a homeowner make sure the job of replacing your roof runs smoothly for you and your roofing contractor. HOMEOWNER CHECKLIST FOR ROOF REPLACEMENT  The delivery of the shingles will arrive a few days before the start of the project (these will be placed in your driveway or in a specific …

Siding Installation or Replacement in Greater St. Louis

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If you are a homeowner in the greater St. Louis area-including O’Fallon and nearby areas-and you need your siding replaced or you are interested in getting new siding, RRSA St. Louis should be your number one choice. Check out these before and after photos of a recent siding job completed by the team at RRSA St. Louis: BEFORE   AFTER The siding on your home is equally used for protection as well as aesthetic appeal. It is the external shell of your house, therefore you want it to be properly maintained while providing an attractive appearance. Here at RRSA St. Louis, we offer quality siding services that will help repair and maintain your siding for years to come. We also …