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Happy Labor Day Weekend From the Team at RRSA St. Louis!

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The team at RRSA St. Louis would like to extend a Happy Labor Day weekend to all of our blog readers. We sincerely hope that you and your family in the Greater St. Louis area enjoy this well-earned end of summer holiday. Whether you have big plans to celebrate, or will just be relaxing and enjoying this time off, take a few minutes to remember the true meaning of Labor Day and how it began. The history of Labor Day is truly fascinating. A lot of people may not even know how and when it started. To remedy that, here are some facts about the true meaning of Labor Day and its history from an article we found at The …

Choosing The Right Siding for Your Greater St. Louis Home and Budget

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Among the many home improvement projects RRSA St. Louis performs for Greater St. Louis homeowners is the installation of new siding. One of the main questions we get asked by homeowners is which type of siding is right for their home and budget. Hopefully, the following information about siding and the different types and price points will help answer that question to your total satisfaction. Vinyl Siding is Economical and Versatile Vinyl is one of the most popular siding options because of its affordability. This is the best choice for budget-conscious homeowners in Greater St. Louis. Vinyl siding comes in a wide range of colors and styles. It is also very low maintenance. Vinyl siding is man-made, so it can imitate …

Ten Mistakes Homeowners Make When the Seasons Change

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At RRSA St. Louis we use our blog as a vehicle to inform and educate homeowners in the Greater St. Louis area. As part of that effort, today we would like to discuss mistakes homeowners make when the seasons change. By taking these mistakes into consideration and doing all you can to remedy them, you can rest assured that you are maintaining a healthy Greater St. Louis home year round. Not switching to high-efficiency light bulbs–This goes without saying that when the hot weather begins in Greater St. Louis, which is usually around late May, early June, switching to high-efficiency light bulbs throughout your home is one of the best ways to save on your energy bill. You’ll spend a bit …

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Which Roof System is Best For Your Greater St. Louis Commercial Property?

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RRSA St. Louis is your best choice for commercial roofing in the Greater St. Louis area. We have decades of experience in commercial roofing, whether your commercial property needs a new roof system or repairs to your current roof system. If you are considering a new roof system for your commercial property, the biggest decision you need to make is what type of roof system is best for your particular Greater St. Louis building. To help you decide on this important issue, below we have listed the types of commercial roof systems RRSA St. Louis installs and their main points: TPO Roofing Thermoplastic-olephine roofing, or TPO, is a great option to make your roof more efficient and help reduce your …