RRSA St. Louis Has Some Very Important Affiliations

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When it comes to hiring someone to handle home improvements–such as roof repair, roof replacement, gutters, and downspout installation, adding new siding, or any other major home improvement project you have in mind–homeowners in Greater St. Louis need to be sure that the company they are dealing with is well-established. This means the company should have strong ties to their community and belong to respected local and national organizations. RRSA St. Louis meets those qualifications, in spades. Below is a list of our important affiliations: Manufacturers : GAF GAF has become North America’s biggest manufacturer of residential and commercial roofing products. They are committed to supporting distributors and roofing contractors, as well as helping property owners make their best roofing …

Tips for Protecting Your Greater St. Louis Home This Winter

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With the Greater St. Louis forecast calling for cold temperatures all this coming week, many nights predicted to be below freezing, the team at RRSA St. Louis decided today would be the perfect time to offer our blog readers some helpful tips for protecting your home this winter. Many homeowners are off all weekend, due to the Thanksgiving holiday, (and we hope you had a very Happy Thanksgiving yesterday!) so what a great time to take advantage of the following tips courtesy of Kiplinger for protecting your home this winter: Keep your pipes warm. Some of the most expensive winter damage comes from burst pipes. Even if the rest of your house is warm, the water in the pipes in your …

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How Fluctuating Winter Temperatures Affect Your Greater St. Louis Roof

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When the RRSA St. Louis team checked out the upcoming weather forecast for the next few days in Greater St. Louis, we decided it was the perfect time to discuss how fluctuating winter temperatures can affect the roof of your home. What many homeowners might not understand is that it’s not so much cold weather, but the ups and downs–the fluctuating extreme temperatures, going from pleasant in the daytime to below freezing at night, as is predicted for the next few days in Greater St. Louis–that can adversely affect your roof. During these extreme up and down temperature conditions, your Greater St. Louis roof is prone to fall victim to the freeze-thaw cycle. Let’s say it rains during the day …

Greater St. Louis Experts in Commercial TPO Roofing

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If you watch the above video you can experience in real time the roofing pros at RRSA St. Louis as they install a TPO roofing system for a commercial client. As the Greater St. Louis preferred expert in all things commercial roofing, today on our blog we would like to explain what TPO roofing is and point out all of its benefits. Thermoplastic-olephine roofing, or TPO, is a great option to make your commercial roof more efficient and help reduce your energy bills. Benefits of TPO Roofing Very durable and long lasting Environmentally friendly Extremely waterproof Easy to maintain and repair Heat reflective to save on energy bills Lower cost than many alternative materials TPO roofing vs. traditional materials TPO roofing, …

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Fall is the Perfect Time of Year for Gutter Guards

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Fall is in full swing here in Greater St. Louis, which is the perfect time for having gutter guards installed or replaced. We want our blog readers to know that RRSA St. Louis is experts at installing and/or replacing gutter guards. We offer free gutter guard inspections. To help you as a Greater St. Louis homeowner understand how important gutter guards are, we have listed below the 5 major benefits: Clogged gutters are less likely with gutter guards. Larger debris and leaves can clog gutters, leading to an array of problems, such as flooded basements, mold and mildew, and yard erosion. Also, clogged gutters can cause pools of water which can serve as breeding ground for insects, such as mosquitoes. With gutter …