Clogged Gutters

Is Your Greater St. Louis Home Ready for New Gutters and Downspouts?

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The team at RRSA St. Louis hopes all of our blog readers had a great Thanksgiving yesterday. Today we are going to go over how the right kind of gutter and downspout system can play an essential role in protecting your Greater St. Louis home from the elements. By directing water down from your roof and away from your foundation, gutters and downspouts help prevent problems such as roof damage, flooding, foundation issues, and water damage. At RRSA St. Louis, we provide expert gutter installation and repair services, including gutter guards. As your local gutter contractor in the Greater St. Louis area, we can help you get the right solutions to keep your home fully protected from water damage. When …

Does Your Greater St. Louis Home Need a New Roof For Thanksgiving?

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The RRSA St. Louis family would like to extend a Happy Thanksgiving to all of our blog readers! If you are traveling please be safe. If you aren’t traveling and would like one of our professional team members to come to your Greater St. Louis home and do a free roof inspection, or have us handle roof repairs you have been putting off. We are always available and can work around your holiday schedule. However, with the extremely cold weather we have been experiencing recently, you may be wondering about the wisdom of a winter roof repair or replacement. Don’t fret! Roof repair can be completed in cold, dry weather. While it may be possible to install roofs in temperatures …

What Goes on At RRSA St. Louis in the Winter?

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With the cold weather in the daytime and temperatures dropping below freezing over the last few nights–predicted to continue so through the weekend in the Greater St. Louis area–you may be wondering what the RRSA St. Louis team does during this kind of winter weather. Of course, our team works all year long no matter the weather, helping homeowners and commercial property owners with roofing and other improvements. But we also spend time hiring and training employees in preparation for the upcoming year. One reason winter is a great time to get hired at RRSA St. Louis is that naturally roofing and home improvement projects slow down in really cold weather. This frees up space and time in our calendars to …

Does Your Greater St. Louis Commercial Roof Need a Snow Retention System?

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As the owner of a commercial building in the Greater St. Louis area–which is known for snowy winters–with a metal roof, we want you to be aware of what Robert Haddock, Director of the Metal Roof Advisory Group, has to say on the subject. Mr. Haddock explains that since metal roofs are widely used in areas where snow is a natural winter phenomenon, unfortunately, one extremely important consideration is often overlooked in the design of metal roofs used in cold areas and that is a snow retention system. How Snow and Ice Depth Translate to Weight on Roofs  According to FEMA’s Snow Load Guide, one foot of fresh, light, dry snow weighs roughly three pounds per square foot. One pound of …

Ice Damming

Cold Weather Survival Guide for Greater St. Louis Homeowners

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The best word to describe our Greater St. Louis weather at night right now is “Brrr!” Temperatures have dropped below freezing on several nights and the forecast calls for more of that for several days of this coming week and into the weekend. Yes, the winter season has definitely arrived in Greater St. Louis. So how do you protect your home during severely cold weather? Below RRSA St. Louis has provided several helpful tips for making sure that both the inside and the outside of your home is protected from Old Man Winter: Inside Your Home Back at the end of the summer, the RRSA St. Louis blog wrote a post to help you prepare for cooler weather. We didn’t …