Attic Condensation Can Cause Winter Roof Leaks

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With the extremely cold weather that brought snow and ice to the Greater St. Louis area over the last few weeks, most homeowners would expect a roof leak to be caused by such situations as water getting under shingles of your roof, or ice dams that form around gutters and downspouts.

But there is another culprit to consider if you have a winter roof leak and that is attic condensation. Warm and moist air rises up from the living space of your Greater St. Louis home and gets trapped in your attic space.  In the winter when it is much colder outside and that warm moist air comes in contact with the cold underside of your roof deck, you get condensation.  Condensation is simply the result of water in a gaseous state being converted to its liquid state as it cools.

However, there are other issues that can cause attic condensation. Heating ducts run straight through your attic and if those ducts aren’t insulated, it will transfer some of that heat into the attic by warming the air surrounding your uninsulated ductwork.

Another issue which can cause attic condensation is if your exhaust fans are vented the wrong way. This will cause air to be vented into the attic instead of outside like they the fans are meant to operate.

Those potential problems may add up to a lot of warm air. Your bathroom, in particular, is a great source for moist air, since you’re in there taking hot, steaming showers and then venting all of that steam right into your attic every time you run the fan. You’re venting it into your attic even if you don’t run the fan, as it finds its way through bypasses and/or the vent itself.

Attic condensation is slower, quieter, more nefarious, and less obvious than other issues causing winter roof leaks. If you have unresolved attic condensation, your roofing beams may slowly rot away and develop mold that can spread into the rest of your home. It’s out of sight and out of mind until your roof starts sagging and you or your family develop respiratory problems.

Our biggest suggestion for what to do if you suspect that attic condensation has caused your Greater St. Louis roof to leak is to call RRSA St. Louis and let us do a FREE attic inspection. Call us today to set up your appointment and let one of our professionals take a look at your attic and help you figure out if this is what is causing your roof to leak.

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