Does Your Greater St. Louis Commercial Roof Need a Snow Retention System?

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As the owner of a commercial building in the Greater St. Louis area–which is known for snowy winters–with a metal roof, we want you to be aware of what Robert Haddock, Director of the Metal Roof Advisory Group, has to say on the subject. Mr. Haddock explains that since metal roofs are widely used in areas where snow is a natural winter phenomenon, unfortunately, one extremely important consideration is often overlooked in the design of metal roofs used in cold areas and that is a snow retention system. How Snow and Ice Depth Translate to Weight on Roofs  According to FEMA’s Snow Load Guide, one foot of fresh, light, dry snow weighs roughly three pounds per square foot. One pound of …

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Why Choose Built-Up Roofing for Your Greater St. Louis Commercial Building?

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If you own a commercial building in Greater St. Louis and are considering upgrades to your flat roof system, RRSA St. Louis provides superior built-up roofing supplies, professional installation, and repairs. Built-up roofing, also called BUR, is the most common roofing material used on low-slope roofs. It is composed of alternating layers of reinforcing fabric and bitumen (asphalt) and is finished with a top layer of aggregate, such as stone or gravel. BUR is preferred for low-slope, or “flat,” roofs because it creates a continuous sealed surface. Built-up roofs tend to provide excellent waterproofing and ultra-violet protection. Thanks to the aggregate top layer, they are also fire-resistant. Built-up roofing is generally low-maintenance and therefore costs little to maintain over its …

Let RRSA St. Louis Handle Your Commercial Roofing Needs

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As a regular reader of our blog, you know that RRSA St. Louis is the preferred home improvement expert in Greater St. Louis. But what you may not realize is that we also are experts at all things commercial roofing. Using only the best GAF products, RRSA St. Louis can handle any commercial roofing issue you may have, whether you need repairs or a completely new commercial roof. The GAF website does a fantastic job of explaining the different types of commercial roofing products available and which one is right for your particular commercial roof. They have a great tool called Roof Advisor that our commercial roofing consultant can use to work with you and pinpoint the exact commercial roofing …

Greater St. Louis Experts in Commercial TPO Roofing

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If you watch the above video you can experience in real time the roofing pros at RRSA St. Louis as they install a TPO roofing system for a commercial client. As the Greater St. Louis preferred expert in all things commercial roofing, today on our blog we would like to explain what TPO roofing is and point out all of its benefits. Thermoplastic-olephine roofing, or TPO, is a great option to make your commercial roof more efficient and help reduce your energy bills. Benefits of TPO Roofing Very durable and long lasting Environmentally friendly Extremely waterproof Easy to maintain and repair Heat reflective to save on energy bills Lower cost than many alternative materials TPO roofing vs. traditional materials TPO roofing, …

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Which Roof System is Best For Your Greater St. Louis Commercial Property?

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RRSA St. Louis is your best choice for commercial roofing in the Greater St. Louis area. We have decades of experience in commercial roofing, whether your commercial property needs a new roof system or repairs to your current roof system. If you are considering a new roof system for your commercial property, the biggest decision you need to make is what type of roof system is best for your particular Greater St. Louis building. To help you decide on this important issue, below we have listed the types of commercial roof systems RRSA St. Louis installs and their main points: TPO Roofing Thermoplastic-olephine roofing, or TPO, is a great option to make your roof more efficient and help reduce your …

The Awesome Benefits of Commercial Roof Coating

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RRSA St. Louis strives to keep our blog readers up-to-date and informed on all things having to do with your home or commercial property in Greater St. Louis. Today we will be discussing commercial roof coating and the awesome benefits roof coating provides. The information we are sharing in this blog post can prepare you to make a smart decision regarding the care of your commercial roof. The Awesome Benefits of Commercial Roof Coating Your commercial roof in Greater St. Louis will certainly function without a coating, but considering all of the awesome benefits of roof coating, it is worth serious consideration for your commercial property. Below are the main benefits of commercial roof coating: 1. Keeps Your Commercial Building …