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As a homeowner, have you been thinking of getting the roof of your Greater St. Louis home replaced or doing other major home improvements, but you know you can’t afford it? One thing you should know is that your insurance company usually covers the cost of roof replacement, and even some major home improvement projects if they prove to be necessary. However, there is another option that we can help you with other than filing a homeowner insurance claim. And heck, you can use this option AND file an insurance claim and keep the insurance payout by using the following finance options we are talking about.

At RRSA St. Louis, we offer a variety of easy-to-use financing options for homeowners in Greater St. Louis. In the home improvement industry, it’s not common to offer to finance. But the team at RRSA St. Louis is different, as we want to make sure every homeowner we work with can get the products and services they need and want, in the most affordable way possible. During our visit when we perform your FREE inspection and give you an estimate, the specialists from our team who visits you will help you find the financing options that work for YOU!

Our experts are trained to use every resource possible to get you the best financing available. Our services include roofing and siding services and many other improvement projects to your Greater St. Louis home. We can offer financing options for practically any job with 12 months of no interest and no payment! Just imagine what doors you could open for yourself and your family when you get to keep the insurance payout for your new roof or home restoration since you are financing the project. Our preferred lender is Green Sky. They were named number 17 on a list of the 50 Disruptors of 2017 by CNBC.

Now that you know that nothing can hold you back from proceeding with the roof replacement or other home restoration project you need or want, call RRSA St. Louis at the number below to learn more about our services, finance options, help with understanding your homeowner insurance policy, or to schedule your FREE roof replacement or home improvement project estimate. We look forward to speaking with you. The team at RRSA is waiting for your call!

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