How Flooding Can Affect Your Greater St. Louis Home

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The last week or so has seen some crazy dangerous weather across the US. Tornadoes, hail, and flooding have ravaged many parts of our country. The Greater St. Louis area has been mostly spared the ravages of this extreme weather, although there have been a few tornadoes, hail and damaging winds, nothing compared to what is going on in other major areas, like Texas.

The problem the Greater St. Louis area is experiencing and looks like will continue to experience over the next week, is flooding. The Elm Point levy in Kampville, Missouri broke on May 6, 2109, forcing evacuations. Below is an image of the severe flooding in that area.

With the flooding we are experiencing, the bad news is that the forecast for our area calls for thunderstorms beginning Tuesday, June 4, 2019, and continuing daily for a solid week. So how does this severe flooding affect your Greater St. Louis home? Let’s talk about that, along with what water damage as a result of flooding can do to your home.

Water is one of the most powerful forces on earth, and there are many ways it can damage your Greater St. Louis home, especially when there is flooding.

Types of Home Damage Caused by Flooding


High waters can drive mud and other sediments into your home, leaving a thick layer of the mess even after the water has subsided. Flooding can also cause raw sewage to fill your home from overflowing sewer lines. Debris left by the floodwaters can also cause secondary issues. The germs and bacteria that grow in the remnants of a flood can cause health hazards. Garbage also attracts pests that will add even more issues to an already complicated situation.


Anything that has been wet for more than 48 hours runs the risk of growing mold. Most molds can be removed with strong cleaning, but many molds are hazardous to your health and should be handled with extreme caution by experts.


Water can erode soil and rocks and can even shift foundations. Look for areas where running water has occurred because those are the most susceptible to erosion.

Foundation Damage

Flooding pushes the sides of your home, weakening your house’s structure and at times separating it from your foundation. Additionally, flooding penetrates deep into the earth causing severe damage. Foundation pilings that aren’t penetrating load-bearing strata can move, break, and shift due to flooding, causing intense foundational and structural damage.

Roof Damage

Heavy rainfall can pull shingles off your Greater St. Louis roof, leaving the roof of your house exposed to harsh climate conditions. Continuous heavy rain almost always ends up causing roof leaks.

Siding Damage

Water should not be allowed to run down the siding of your home; it can get behind the siding and cause serious problems within the walls, as well as leakage in the basement or crawl space.

Problems With Gutters

Just one inch of rain falling on the rooftop of an average 1,400 square foot house produces over 800 gallons of runoff. Where all that water ends up largely depends on your gutters. If they’re clogged, leaky or sagging, water cascading off the roof may penetrate the exterior siding and cause indoor water damage, undermine the foundation, or leak into the basement.

In conclusion

Any part of your home that comes in contact with flood water has the potential to be damaged or destroyed. Houses can be moved off of their foundations by a few inches, or they can even be washed away entirely. Inside your Greater St. Louis home, the insulation, and drywall can become damaged or destroyed by water. Flooring can be warped, and electrical systems, heating, and cooling systems, and gas systems can all be affected by flood waters.

We want our blog readers to know that RRSA St. Louis can handle any of the above issues. Right now is an excellent time to let us come do a free home inspection to either access flood damage you have already experienced at your Greater St. Louis home, or to prepare your home for the next round of heavy rain coming this week.

Give us a call today to set up an appointment for your free home inspection.

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