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How Fluctuating Winter Temperatures Affect Your Greater St. Louis Roof

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When the RRSA St. Louis team checked out the upcoming weather forecast for the next few days in Greater St. Louis, we decided it was the perfect time to discuss how fluctuating winter temperatures can affect the roof of your home. What many homeowners might not understand is that it’s not so much cold weather, but the ups and downs–the fluctuating extreme temperatures, going from pleasant in the daytime to below freezing at night, as is predicted for the next few days in Greater St. Louis–that can adversely affect your roof.

During these extreme up and down temperature conditions, your Greater St. Louis roof is prone to fall victim to the freeze-thaw cycle. Let’s say it rains during the day then as night approaches, temperatures drop and runoff water freezes. Freezing water expands about nine percent, adding pressure to your roof, which drastically increases the danger of cracks in your roof. This weakens your roof structure and can lead to roof leaks. A common consequence of this cycle is the formation of an ice dam.

Notice that roof and temperature change in the cold generally cause materials to contract: The big exception is, of course, water, and this causes problems for rooftops and other house materials when winter temperatures drop below freezing temperatures. Water from rain, sleet, or melted runoff seeps into a roof, getting into small cracks and lingering by flashing, finding any small cracks present. When that water freezes it expands, and that can make small cracks wider, exacerbating problems and increasing damage.

This freezing effect is rarely a problem on newer rooftops with well-installed materials and sealants. However, it is worse on older rooftops and more noticeable with brittle materials. Rooftops that use metal brackets may notice this in particular, which brittle metal brackets may be more easily damaged by storms.

RRSA St. Louis offers free roof inspections, no matter the weather. Call us today and set up your appointment for your free, thorough roof inspection so that you can avoid cracks and leaks this winter in Greater St. Louis. And from the team at RRSA St. Louis, we hope you have a happy and safe Thanksgiving this coming Thursday!

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