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When summer is over and cooler weather begins to prevail, many homeowners in the Greater St. Louis area have their thoughts naturally turn to home repairs and maintenance. If you have examined your exterior and have decided it is time to replace your gutters and/or downspouts, we’d like you to know that since we are the area’s preferred home improvement specialist, RRSA St. Louis can handle the job.

The importance of properly installed and maintained gutters can’t be stressed enough. Every house should have gutters, and in recent years building officials across the land have been recognizing this. Many municipalities around the country are now requiring gutters on all new residential construction. Here’s why rain gutters are so important:

  • The soil around the house is stabilized
  • Foundation problems can be avoided
  • Flooding under houses and in basements can be prevented
  • Erosion can be prevented and this preserves landscaping and turf
  • Water damage to siding can be prevented
  • Water staining on brick and stone masonry can be prevented
  • Settling and cracking of sidewalks, patios, and driveways can be lessened
  • Exterior doors and garage overhead doors can be preserved

At RRSA St. Louis, we install quality gutters made with long-lasting materials from industry-leading manufacturers. Our gutters always provide the durability and weather protection you need while ensuring your home has a great finished appearance.

New gutters and downspouts are also a definitive proactive solution to maintaining a healthy home. If your gutters are neglected, excess moisture naturally collects there. New gutters or regularly maintained gutters prevent this problem. Without excess moisture, rot cannot gain a foothold in your home. Properly maintained gutters and reduced moisture infiltration at the windows are good preventative measures.

When you call us for your FREE home inspection to exam your gutters and downspouts, the professional who visits your home from RRSA St. Louis will recommend the right gutters for your home based on the layout of your roof, the number of trees around your home, and your drainage needs. Take a look at the guide from our website with key factors to consider when choosing your new gutters and downspouts.

RRSA St. Louis services the Greater St. Louis area and we also offer gutter cleaning services. Call us today to set up your appointment for a free home inspection and let us take a look at your gutters and downspouts before cold weather sets in.

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