Partners Sponsor Trip to Guatemala: One More Perk of Working for RRSA

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If you have ever thought about becoming a roofing salesperson, or you already have experience in the field, we’d like you to know that RRSA St. Louis is always on the lookout for dynamic roofing salespeople. Besides making six figures pretty quickly after your initial training, being a roofing salesperson for RRSA St. Louis comes with a lot of other perks. One great example of those perks is the recent trip several RRSA employees took to Guatemala. The trip was graciously sponsored by partners of RRSA, including GAF, SRS Distribution, and Max Felt.

The managing partner of RRSA St. Louis, Eric Wylie, who you can read about here, says he felt treated like royalty. The RRSA employees were housed courtesy of our partners at the gorgeous Casa Vieja Lodge and spent several days sail fishing. Below are some images from our time sail fishing during our Guatemala trip. Eric is the one in the straw hat.


There is nothing quite like experiencing for the first time the art of sail fishing! We felt kind of like Ernest Hemingway on a great fishing adventure. Several of our team members had never traveled outside the USA, so it was pretty intense for them, getting their first passport, experiencing life in a third world country and the gorgeous waters of Guatemala.

It felt like we were in a movie. One of the most unique experiences of the sail fishing trips was being able to catch a beautiful Mahi, then eating it thirty minutes later from the grill. It was so great to be able to network with our partners from GAF, Max Felt, and SRS Distribution. Even though we spent most of our time relaxing, fishing, getting massages, eating great food, and a little bit of partying, we still were able to make new friends who were representatives of our partner companies. Some of us might have thought as seasoned salespeople for RRSA that we knew everything about roofing. However, we learned a lot more than we previously knew about the roofing industry and also some of the newest products our partners have in the works.

If you think you’d enjoy a trip such as this one, and you are a smart, determined individual who is trainable, honest, and likes making a lot of money, RRSA St. Louis would like to talk to you about becoming a salesperson in Greater St. Louis. Give us a call today to set up an interview to become an RRSA salesperson. It will be the best decision you ever made.

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