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There was a time when the title of our blog post, RRSA St. Louis can help after tornado damage, might have seemed misplaced. After all, Greater St. Louis and the Midwest in general, up until now, have not been considered a major target for tornadoes. But a new study published in the Journal of Climate and Atmospheric Science suggests Tornado Alley, which has traditionally only included Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, with a trajectory moving straight up the US map, is on the move, shifting east, a potentially alarming development for our area.

The above video from 23 News covers this new development and the study in detail. The lead author of the recently published study, N.I.U. Professor of Atmospheric Science Dr. Victor Gensini, says “This eastward shift is very consistent with what some of the climate models are showing, and what our climate will look like in 2050 or 2100 if we continue to emit CO2 at the rate we are currently. Our risk is increasing, and our study has shown that through time, and it doesn’t matter the year, or even what the calendar says, for that matter. It could be January, February. You can really never let your guard down.

That is another alarming trend, that what was once considered a seasonal event reserved mostly for Spring, tornadoes can now happen any time of the year.

The team at RRSA St. Louis is sharing this alarming development and the study concerning the eastern shift of Tornado Alley to let our readers know that if your home or business is hit by a tornado, we have your back. Whether you receive damage to your roof, siding, gutters, and downspouts, or any other part of your home, our professionals can repair or replace the damage and get your home back to its former glory. We can also handle any tornado damage to commercial property in the Greater St. Louis area.

However, we suggest you take advantage of our FREE home or commercial property inspection before the next tornado hits. We can offer suggestions for improving the safety of your structure to brace it from extreme tornado damage. Of course, as we all are quite aware, once a tornado heads our way there is no predicting what can happen. Tornadoes are famous for their erratic behavior, such as destroying whole neighborhoods while leaving a single tree standing, untouched. Still, the human spirit is one of resilience and forbearance, so it is natural for us to prepare and pray for the best outcome.

Call us at the number below to set up an appointment for your free inspection, whether for your Greater St. Louis home or business property.

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