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If there is one thing we can say with utter conviction, it’s that becoming a salesman for RRSA St. Louis can be life-changing. In our blog post today, RRSA St. Louis would like to use our Managing Partner, Eric Wylie, as a fine example. Eric began his career with RRSA as a roofing salesman. He moved up the ladder quickly when he became a production manager a couple of years later. After about five years, Eric became a managing partner with RRSA.

Eric has enjoyed tremendous success with RRSA. One of the many things that keep him motivated is his ability to spend quality time with his family. A great example of this is the recent vacation Eric and his family took to Germany. Below are some images from that trip:

As you can very well see, Eric Wylie and his family had a wonderful time in Germany. There were so many fascinating things to see and the Wylie family met such wonderful, warm and friendly German people. One particularly interesting visit they made was to the chapel in the last image above, where the song Silent Night was written. Is that cool, or what?

Now it’s back to work for Eric, helping homeowners and commercial property owners in the Greater St. Louis area and manning the helm of RRSA St. Louis.

If you are looking for a new career and you can picture yourself being this successful, making great money, taking trips like Eric and his family did, along with going on company-sponsored trips like this deep sea fishing in Guatemala, there are only a few requirements needed to begin working as a RRSA St. Louis salesman. You need to ability to climb a ladder, the willingness to learn and the hunger to succeed. Of course, a sparkling personality is also a bonus, because you will be dealing with people every day, and you must be professional and respectful at all times. It will all pay off in spades. Many of our successful RRSA St. Louis salesmen regularly make 6 figures and there is always room for advancement within RRSA.

Does this sound like the career for you? Then give us a call today at the number below and set up your job interview appointment. Just be prepared for a life-changing adventure.

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