Smiley Wylie Club Participates in St. Louis Autism Speaks Walk

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If you are at all familiar with the RRSA St. Louis team then you know that the son of Managing Partner Eric Wylie, Ethan, is on the Autism spectrum. In the above video, you can watch as Ethan gets braces that will only enhance his beautiful smile. Ethan is pretty famous for that smile, so much so that when Ethan Wylie and his family decided to walk in the Autism Speaks Walk in St. Louis on October 12, 2108, they named their team the Smiley Wylie Club.

Walkers in the Autism Speaks Walk advocate and take action for the diverse needs of the Autism community. Their efforts help generate funds that fuel innovative research and make connections to critical lifelong supports and services. The team at RRSA St. Louis is proud to announce that so far the Smiley Wylie Club has raised over $387,000 toward Autism awareness and research. Follow this link to read all of the details about the St. Louis Autism Speaks Walk and our ongoing efforts to raise money for Autism research and other services for those with Autism, their families and the St. Louis Autism community. You can also donate there if you would like.

Below are some pics of Ethan, his dad Eric, and the Smiley Wylie Club from the Autism Speaks Walk.

If you or someone you know is on the Autism spectrum, or you just want to learn more about Autism in general, a great resource is Spectrum News. It is an online magazine that keeps up with the latest in Autism research and discusses real issues those with Autism and their families face.

RRSA St. Louis was so proud to be involved in the Autism Speaks Walk this year. We had a blast,  made some new friends, and raised a good amount of money. If you found this blog post interesting do us a favor and share it on your social media page.  And don’t forget, RRSA St. Louis is always ready to perform a FREE home inspection of your Greater St. Louis home. Whether you are thinking you may need a new roof, brand new siding, or other home improvements, we are the preferred home improvement contractor in the Greater St. Louis area. Call us today to set up your free inspection. Have a great weekend!

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