Start The New Year Off Right With New Siding For Your Home

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One of the smartest decisions you will make going into 2020 is having RRSA St. Louis add new siding to your Greater St. Louis home. As the preferred home improvement specialist in our area, RRSA St. Louis specializes in making homes more beautiful, durable and valuable with the installation of brand new siding.

There are many advantages to having new siding installed on your home, not the least of which are better protection for your home, improved appearance, and curb appeal. According to the National Association of Realtors, (NAR) homeowners looking for the most bang for their buck in terms of remodeling projects, should put exterior replacement projects, like siding, at the top of their lists.

According to their Remodeling Cost vs. Value Report, which was summarized on their consumer website, House Logic, you will recoup a high percentage of your investment on almost every exterior remodeling project, including new siding. For example, you can expect to recoup 83% of an investment in the new vinyl siding at resale, according to the NAR’s Remodeling Impact Report. Fiber-Cement siding’s ROI was equally impressive at 79%.

And according to a report by CNBC, vinyl siding can recoup up to 89% of its initial cost when the time comes to sell your home. To put that in perspective, a $9,000 investment in new vinyl siding will add $8,000 to your home’s asking price, which is pretty impressive.

Siding is more than simply a cosmetic upgrade. Good siding protects your home against whatever Mother Nature dishes out, whether it is Greater St. Louis winter storms, heavy spring rains, or severe thunderstorms.

New siding is also a way to increase your home’s energy efficiency and repair structural damage at the same time. Once the old siding is removed, you have an opportunity to replace or add insulation and or a house-wrap before the new siding goes up, thus increasing energy efficiency (which translates into real dollar savings on energy bills throughout the year).

At the same time, the removal of old siding allows the home improvement professionals at RRSA St. Louis to see if you need structural damage repaired that has been caused by leaks, dry rot or other factors. With the decision to have new siding installed on your Greater St. Louis home, our specialists can make repairs from the outside without the hassle, mess and extra expense caused by disturbing your home’s interior.

Different materials have different beneficial qualities

Choosing the right material depends on what you want your home’s exterior to look like and the degree of maintenance each material needs. Some materials tend to be lower maintenance than others.

  • Vinyl Siding – This is probably the most durable siding option for the cost. Vinyl can provide you with the look of real wood without the cost and maintenance. This type of siding delivers excellent performance without the upkeep that other materials need. Vinyl siding also won’t peel, chip or rot and never needs to be re-painted.
  • Wood Siding – Wood has been a classic siding material for many years. Wood possesses remarkable beauty, especially cedar. It can withstand harsh weather conditions and has the opportunity to last much longer than other materials.
  • Fiber Cement Siding – This type of siding can emulate any style of siding, such as cedar shingles, wood and other types of siding, without any of the drawbacks. It is completely resistant against fire, wind, bugs and wood rot. Fiber cement is also extremely durable and there is little to no maintenance required.
  • Aluminum Siding – Completely resistant to fire damage with an enamel coating that can mimic other siding materials, aluminum siding is the perfect combination of strength and efficiency.

RRSA St. Louis offers FREE home inspections! If you are thinking about getting new siding installed on your Greater St. Louis home to start the new year off right, call us today and set up your appointment.

Happy New Year!

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