Summer is the Best Time for These 4 Home Improvement Projects

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While many of our RRSA St. Louis blog readers are taking summer vacations, just as many of you are working on home improvement projects. The lazy days of summer really are the best time to tackle the home improvement projects you have procrastinated over throughout the rest of the year.

Below we have listed the main home improvement projects people normally handle over the summer months. We want you to know that RRSA St. Louis is the preferred home improvement contractor in Greater St. Louis, so if you need assistance with any of the following projects, don’t hesitate to call us at 636-542-4816 to schedule your FREE home inspection.

  1. Clean gutters and downspouts–The cold, rainy winter and spring we had in Greater St. Louis has filled many homeowners gutters with leaves and other debris. The pros at RRSA St. Louis can clean your gutters. If you need gutter replacement, gutter installation, or gutter repair for your home, we are here for you. Our experienced gutter professionals will help you determine the best gutter services and materials for your needs and provide you with quality repair or installation.
  2. Repair, paint or replace siding--If you already have siding on your home in Greater St. Louis summer is often the time homeowners decide to either has damaged siding replaced, paint the current siding, or even completely replace their old siding with brand new siding. Or some homeowners choose the summer time for their first experience with new siding for their home. Whichever scenario fits you, RRSA St. Louis has a great team of siding experts to help you with your summer home improvement project. We can even suggest financing options if you want new siding installed.
  3. Repair on install attic insulation–Many homeowners in Greater St. Louis watch their cooling cost skyrocket during the hot summer months. Often this is due to a poorly insulated attic. Our team of home improvement professionals can repair your poorly insulated attic or completely restart the insulation job so that it will be done right.
  4. Replace Your Old Roof–With the torrential rains we experienced during the spring in Greater St. Louis, many of you may have discovered your roof is leaking, or you have other significant damage. RRSA St. Louis began our journey into all home improvement projects first off as a roof replacement specialist. Call us at 636-542-4816 for your FREE roof inspection. Our roofing professional with due a very thorough job of inspecting your roof. If it is discovered you need a new roof, he/she will help you choose the best GAF roofing products to suit your needs and your budget. And as we mentioned with siding replacement, we can offer financing options through Green Sky. That way, you could actually keep your insurance payout!

The team at RRSA St. Louis hopes this blog post has helped you decide on your summer home improvement project. Call us if you need us and have a great weekend!

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