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How Did Your Greater St. Louis Roof Handle Our Single Digit Weather?

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This past week in the Greater St. Louis area saw temperatures plummet down into the single digits. We hope all of our blog readers stayed safe during this extremely cold weather. Fortunately, the forecast calls for temperatures to be in the 50s and 60s next week, which after what we have experienced will feel very warm! But what kind of affect did the single digit temperatures have on your roof? In this article from, experts discuss how winter can wreck roofs. We have posted below a quote from a roofing expert in that article: Why Winter Can Wreck Roofs The temperature changes and precipitation winter brings can cause a number of problems on your roof. “Changing temperatures can be especially tough …

Is Your Roof Ready for Today’s Severe Weather in Greater St. Louis?

RRSABlog Greater St. Louis Weather

The above image is courtesy of Weather.Gov RRSA St. Louis wants to be sure our blog readers are aware of the weather that is predicted for our area today.  Scattered showers and thunderstorms are expected today as a cold front moves through the region. Some of the storms in southeast MO and southern IL could be strong to severe and capable of producing large hail and damaging wind gusts. Storms will end this evening after the front has moved through the area. Storms like these are very tough on roofs. Whether from high winds, heavy rain, or even hail, when your Greater St. Louis roof takes a beating from Mother Nature, the damage can be almost as severe as the …

What Happens During a Greater St. Louis Roof Inspection?

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According to the National Roofing Contractors Association, homeowners should inspect their roofs twice a year. This free PDF supplied by the organization is a great tool for homeowners to use as a template for regular roof inspections and maintenance. Though you may feel as a homeowner that roof replacement is not something you can afford right now, you should be aware that your homeowner’s insurance will cover the cost of replacing your roof if it has been inspected by a roofing professional and deemed in need of replacement. Also be aware that there are financing options available. You may very well come out ahead if you have your roof replacement financed, allowing you to keep your insurance payout. A truly professional roofing company knows …