The Awesome Benefits of Commercial Roof Coating

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RRSA St. Louis strives to keep our blog readers up-to-date and informed on all things having to do with your home or commercial property in Greater St. Louis. Today we will be discussing commercial roof coating and the awesome benefits roof coating provides. The information we are sharing in this blog post can prepare you to make a smart decision regarding the care of your commercial roof.

The Awesome Benefits of Commercial Roof Coating

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Your commercial roof in Greater St. Louis will certainly function without a coating, but considering all of the awesome benefits of roof coating, it is worth serious consideration for your commercial property. Below are the main benefits of commercial roof coating:

1. Keeps Your Commercial Building Cooler

A commercial roof with a white or reflective coating will not absorb the sun’s rays, it will reflect them. The reflective property of the coating keeps your commercial building cooler, which can make a big difference in the temperature within, keeping your building cooler or reducing the cost to keep it cool.

2. Reduces Energy Consumption

Having coating on your commercial roof in Greater St. Louis will create a situation where you are using much less energy to power your air conditioning. Not only does this save your business money, it can help your company have a smaller carbon footprint because of less energy consumption. We all want to do whatever we can for the health of our planet, and commercial roof coating is one more way to accomplish this goal.

3. Increases Energy Star Rating

The Energy Star rating of a building is not static. It can change, as the structure changes. Adding a commercial roof coating is one of the simplest ways to make a building more energy efficient and increase the Energy Star rating. Boosting the rating will also increase the resale value of your commercial property.

4. Improves Your Company’s Green Reputation

Depending on your particular company’s goals, being able to show customers, vendors, employees, and associates that you are doing everything possible to make the building “green” can be a very good thing. By having your commercial roof coated by the professionals at RRSA St. Louis, your commercial property will instantly qualify as having a green roof, another great one of your asset for your business.

5. Protects Against Roof Leaks

Adding a coating to your commercial roof will give an extra layer and can protect it from leaks. Not only does the coating add to the roof itself, but it can also help prevent your commercial roof from mold and mildew damage.

6. Extends The Life Of Your Commercial Roof

Roof coating adds life to a commercial roof. Extra life may mean that you can wait years longer before replacing the roof.  Having roof coating applied to your commercial roof extends its life far beyond its expected lifespan.

As you can see, there are many benefits to having RRSA St. Louis coat your commercial roof. Read this section of our website to learn more about our professional roof coating services.

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