Welcome Spring and Preparing For Your New Roof

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RRSA St. Louis is so happy that Spring has finally arrived! As the Beatles stated so well, “it’s been a long, cold, lonely winter.” Ok, maybe not lonely, but certainly long and cold here in the Greater St. Louis area. But we can pretty much put winter behind us now as we listen to the birds celebrating Spring and watch as flowers begin to bloom. This is a glorious time of year. If you are preparing for the new roof you are now having installed since winter is over, first let us say CONGRATULATIONS on the purchase of your new roof!  This is one of the best investments you will ever make when it comes to the maintenance and structure of your Missouri home. To assure that the process of having your new roof installed runs as smoothly as possible, RRSA St Louis would like to offer homeowners the following helpful tips:

1.  Easy Access for Roofers

Before your Greater St. Louis roofing installation begins, we advise you to clear a big space in your yard or driveway for the collection of the old roofing materials. In order to protect your vehicles, park all boats, RVs, cars, and trailers away from the installation area to prevent damage. Make sure the workers who are replacing your roof have easy access to your home, such as unlocked gates or community passcodes. Also be aware that you need to have pets out of the area, both for the safety of your pet and the peace of the roofers as they work.

2.  Attic Entrances and Stored Items

Although your roofing installers will clean debris from the attic and take care of your things, there is no surefire way to keep all dust and debris from stored items. The perfect solution would be for you to remove any items in your attic that would be harmed by dust or debris or are fragile. After you have your new roof, open your attic entrance carefully in case any dust or debris remains.

3.  Family and Children Safety

A new roofing system installation turns your home into a temporary construction site. Your professional roofers like the ones who work for RRSA St. Louis are trained to keep the safety of the family living in the home they are roofing on their mind as they work. But the noise and activity is exciting and stimulating to children, who are naturally curious, as they should be. It is important to keep them away from the work area at all times. In addition, it is possible that materials and equipment will remain around your home for the duration of the installation. Items like sharp metal flashing, nails, and ladders can present a hazard. Keep your children safe by reminding them of the possible dangers and supervising them at all times during the installation.

4.  Pets

Because of the noise and presence of unknown persons, some pets find a roof installation very unpleasant. You may decide to board any particularly anxious pets with family, friends or your vet for the duration of your roof installation.

5.  Neighbors

Although you may be prepared for the noise and commotion during your roofing project, your Greater St. Louis area neighbors may not be. You want to stay on good terms with them, so it is smart to notify your neighbors in advance that the approaching project may cause a temporary increase in noise and traffic. Letting neighbors know in advance gives them an opportunity to move cars if necessary and sets a positive tone in case they have an issue during or after the installation.

RRSA St. Louis hopes that these tips we have listed will help your new roof installation run smoothly for all involved. Now that Spring has sprung, if you are ready to have a new roof put on your home in the Greater St. Louis area, don’t hesitate to call RRSA St. Louis. As a GAF Master Elite Contractor, we are the best choice for your new roof installation. Call us today at (636) 542-4816. One of our professional team members will come out and give you a free roof inspection and an estimate of the cost of replacing your roof this Spring.