Why Summer Is The Best Time For a New Roof in Greater St. Louis

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RRSA St. Louis uses our blog to educate and inform Greater St. Louis homeowners and commercial property owners about things affecting your roof. One question we get asked all the time is this one, What time of year is the best to replace the roof on your home or commercial building? To help answer that often asked question, RRSA St. Louis has listed below what happens in each season and why Summer is the best time to replace your Greater St. Louis roof:

Winter: The winter season is the least popular option for roof replacement in Greater St. Louis due to frigid temperatures, as well as snow, sleet, and ice, all of which can sabotage a roofing job in short order. Not only that, but standard roofing materials such as shingles are a little more difficult to work within colder conditions. The low temperatures can cause these materials to freeze and harden, which can lead to cracking or breaking when pressure from tools or nails is applied. In addition, most adhesive roofing materials will simply cease to function properly once temperatures have dropped below 40 degrees Fahrenheit

Spring: Bear in mind that spring is the prime season for unpredictable storms all around St. Louis, which can cause significant delays in roofing projects. If you try to “chance it” and attempt to get your roof repaired or replaced in the springtime, the job might only get partially finished before a storm system comes rolling through. This means that roofers would have to use tarps and wait out those rainy days, causing delays and inconveniences for you.

Fall: The three-month span of time between September and November is typically considered to be the busiest season for roofing contractors. People are rushing to get their roof problems taken care of before the big cold snap arrives, and this will normally cause a significant boost in demand for roofing services. By choosing the fall, even though it is a great time of year for roof replacement in Greater St. Louis, you might very well have to wait in line for roof replacement. Of course, if you are not in a big hurry, then there is no problem getting your roof replaced in the Fall.

Summer: Of all the seasons, summer tends to have the most consistent weather, and this really helps when you’re trying to schedule a roof repair or replacement job. While temperatures can sometimes be an issue in the dead of summer, the early and latter parts of the season generally afford the most ideal temperature range (e.g., below 85-90 degrees Fahrenheit) for roofing replacement in Greater St. Louis.

When you’re ready to get the roof of your home or commercial building replaced, be sure to choose a reliable, well-credentialed roofing contractor like us. RRSA St. Louis is an industry leader in both commercial and residential roofing and we have an extensive track record of providing our customers with top-quality roofing solutions and excellent workmanship. Contact one of our team members today to see how we can help you with your roof replacement project in Greater St. Louis.