Why You Need a GAF Master Elite Contractor to Replace Your Roof

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As you can see from the image above this blog post, RRSA St. Louis is a GAF Master Elite Contractor. But what exactly does that mean? Well, first off, it has a lot to do with the type of warranty you receive when you have a new roof installed on your Greater St. Louis home. But it goes much deeper than that. Let us explain:

A few shingle manufacturers have a certification program that allows contractors to offer better warranties and in turn offer more protection than your everyday roofer. These programs are great but there are still some holes in your overall protection.

Standard certification program for major manufacturers only requires you to use 3 of their system components (felt, ice and water shield, etc.) to get an upgraded warranty. That is a step up from the standard warranty but still does not cover components made from other manufacturers and can leave you with a nasty bill if you ever get to the point you need warranty coverage.

The biggest problem is there is no factory certification, so you may get a certified roof with a certified contractor and when it comes time for warranty replacement there can be other factors that disqualify you from even getting that warranty, such as improper ventilation and insulation in your attic and a host of other common problems.

A Master Elite contractor is the only type of roofer that can provide the golden pledge warranty, the most powerful and substantial warranty in the entire roofing industry.  A golden pledge warranty is the only warranty that requires the entire roof system to be from GAF, a single manufacturer.  The real beauty is that once the new roof is installed on your Greater St. Louis home, a representative from GAF comes out to certify your roof installation.

The GAF representative will put their stamp of approval on the job when RRSA St. Louis has completed your roof replacement. If for some reason we fail their in-depth 40 point inspection we have to fix it right away.

Master Elite contractors make up only 2% of the total roofers nationwide.  Why? Because it is very hard to be awarded this status. GAF verifies the following items before granting a company the master elite status.

  • minimum of 7 years in business – 1 year in their certified program
  • 99% customer satisfaction based on independent surveys from GAF
  • 1 million general liability coverage + proper and valid workers compensation
  • a satisfactory rating with BBB
  • GOOD or better credit rating
  • clean banking record (no overdrafts, negative info)
  • clean distributor reference (means we pay our bills)
  • no liens, or judgments unresolved on record
  • good workmanship record

You can see why it is almost impossible for 98% of companies to achieve even these base requirements, but still, the final test is a face to face meeting with the territory managers to doubly verify all information and personally check out our previous jobs and talk to some of our previous customers.  It is a true partnership with GAF, and it is fantastic for you, us, and them.  This is how business relationships are supposed to be.

You can also now see why, when you are ready to have the roof of your Greater St. Louis home replaced, you need to choose a GAF Master Elite Contractor like RRSA St. Louis to handle the job. We offer FREE roof inspections. Call us today and set up your appointment for a free roof inspection and let this GAF Master Elite Contractor provide you with the best roof from GAF and the Golden Pledge warranty.

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